At KitchenKraft, we believe that kitchen is an extension of  your personality and should be coordinated with the other spaces that make up your home. Our expertise and processes are defined and guided by this philosophy --- and we take you through the following stages to define the kitchen that fits your lifestyle.

CONCEPTUALISATION: More often than not, the starting point is to know  the latest trends in kitchen design and the components like cabinetry, appliances, accessories, countertop etc that makes up your perfect kitchen. At kitchenkraft, you will be exposed to a range of kitchens fitted out with a diverse portfolio of appliances, accessories, countertops etc from Europe’s finest brands. Our in-store consultants will brief and advise you at every stage of your journey through the store, enabling you to define your kitchen.

Once your unique kitchen is conceptualized, we then design your kitchen system to implement these concepts into your physical space. Our in-store consultants will interact with you at every stage of this design process, thereby customising the design to match your specific requirements.

Defining your kitchen and receiving your mandate to set it up is the beginning of the fulfilment process. Our technical team will visit your site to advise on power, drainage, water supply and other details behind your beautiful kitchen. Along the way, our experts will make periodic visits to your site to ensure that your planned space is completely ready to receive the kitchen. Your kitchen will be delivered to your site after due process of inspection and checks. We then undertake and complete the stage-wise installation process before handing over your kitchen.